Second day

Тuesday, December 11

CHAIR: Radomir Popović, Zoran Devrnja

  • Bishop Irinej Bulović: The Original and Modern Meaning of Autocephaly With Emphasis on Autocephaly Obtained by Saint Sava in 1219.
  • Bishop Atanasije Jevtić: Relations Between the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Serbian Patriarchate of Peć through history.
  • Radomir Popović: Аutocephaly of Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) in 1219 in the Light of the Unity and Catholicity of the Church.

10:30–11:00 Break

  • Aleksandr Zadornov: Testimonies in Hagiographies of Saint Sava About the Character of the Independent Status of Church Organization in the Serbian State of the XIII Century (Historical-Canonical Analysis).
  • Zoran Devrnja: Canonical and Historical Context of the Emergence of the Autocephalous Žiča Archbishopric.
  • Archimandrite Avgustin Nikitin: Chilandar and Russia: a Review of Ecclesiastical-Literary Connections.
  • Elena Belyakova: About the Significance of the Establishment of Autocephaly of the Serbian Church for Other Slavic Churches.

CHAIR: Sava Milin, Dragan Radić

  • Metropolitan Porfirije Perić: Pastoral and Missionary Work of Saint Sava.
  • Archimandrite Tihon Rakićević: Regulations for the Internal and External Monastic Life by Abbot Sava of Studenica.
  • Dražen Perić: Equivalence of the Theology of Saint Sava with the Apostolic and Patristic Tradition.
  • Dragiša Bojović: The Reception of Patristic Thought in the Works of Saint Sava and his Disciples.

10:30–11:00 Break

  • Gordana Jovanović: Saint Sava and His Share in the Norming of the Liturgical Language of the Serbian Church.
  • Sava Milin: The Word of Saint Sava on the True Faith.
  • Vladan Tatalović: Wedding in Cana of Galilee (Jn 2, 1-12) in Serbian Medieval Fresco Painting.
  • Dragan Radić: Reception of the New Testament in the Works of St. Sava.

13:00–15:00 Lunch

CHAIR: Vladimir Vukašinović, Srboljub Ubiparipović

  • Vladimir Vukašinović: History of Serbian Worship: 13th – 21st century.
  • Srboljub Ubiparipović: Saint Sava’s “Zakonopravilo” (Nomocanon) as a Source of Worshiping Life in the Archbishopric of All Serbian and Maritime Lands in the 13th century.
  • Tatjana Subotin-Golubović: Tipology and Hymn Repertoires in Serbian Liturgical Hymnals of the Thirteenth Century.

17:00–17:30 Break

  • Maja Anđelković: Intertextual Connections Between Sava’s Hagiography of St. Simeon and I and II Chilandar Charter.
  • Vladimir Antić: Continuity and Change of Paradigm in Contemporary Serbian Chanting.
  • Ana Rašković: Serbian Manuscript Legacy and Russian Church Chanting Culture: The Creation of a New Synthesis.

CHAIR: Vladan Trijić, Milanka Ubiparip

  • Anatolij Arkadjevič Turilov, Snežana Jelesijević: New Facts About Saint Archbishop Arsenius of Serbia.
  • Jerzy Ostapczuk: Early Printed Editions of Cyrillic Fourfold Gospel Book of the Serbian Redaction – the Preliminary Textual Description.
  • Vladan Trijić: The Vienna Transcript of Theodosius’ Joint Canon to Saint Simeon and Saint Sava.
    Svetlana Tomin: Budjanovac Gospel – on the Track of a Manuscript From 1548.

17:00–17:30 Break

  • Milanka Ubiparip: Serbian-Slavonic Octoechos and the Poetry of St. Clement of Ohrid.
  • Miroslav Lazić: Incunabula and the Paleotypes: Serb-Slavonic Liturgical and Church Books From the End of the XV to the Mid XVII Century.
  • Malmenval Simon: Passion-Bearers in Medieval Slavic Hagiography: Boris and Gleb of Rus′ and Jovan Vladimir of Dioclea (Duklja).